Steam In City 2005                         



On the 9th Oct 2005 a special train was run for the 175th Anniversary of Kelmscott Celebrations.

 This train saw a Steam Locomotive in city station for the first time in many years.

Affectionately known as "Alannah's Train" as it was requested by the Minister for Transport - Alannah 


The duties were carried out by North British built steam locomotive Pm 706 assisted by English Electric built Diesel Electric C 1702  .

A big thank you to Don Copley, Thomas Pacy and Stuart Jackson for use of the photos shown below.

Pm 706 arrives at Claisebrook Station tender first at 7.45 am

Then steams into the Claisebrook Railcar Depot

 To the Un-powered track (usually occupied by the MA shunter) for servicing & to await train time

At 9.45am Pm 706 steams tender first into city station and onto the passenger cars which have been brought into the city by  C 1702

C1702 on the Kelmscott train & C1703 on the Dwellingup Forest Ranger take up the island platform at City Station

Pm 706 arrives and couples to C1702 at City Station

Pm 706 and C1702 ready to depart City Station

Passing through Mc Iver en-route to Kelmscott

Through East Perth

Arrival at Kelmscott.






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