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MAY 2016

4th May 2016

Sleeper replacements well advanced on the Isandra - Dwellingup section as the team approach the 12km peg which can be seen just right of the hi-rail truck. Only 1.5km to go to the facing points at Isandra.

This year's annual track maintenance project replaced over 1700 sleepers with a little over 692 sleepers on the Dwellingup - Etmilyn section and a little over 966 on the Isandra - Dwellingup section.





MARCH 2016

24th March 2016



The HVR annual track maintenance project getting started at Dwellingup.





6th March 2016


Roadway line markings completed by the Shire of Murray for HVR at the Wallace Rd level crossing where flashing lights are being progressively installed. 






Repairs to the leaky steam chest drain pipe on Loco W920.







29th February 2016


Diesel Loco Z1152 is receiving a general 'cuddle' by the Dwellingup Monday Team.






28th February 2016




Sunday 29th Feb saw some of the younger members washing out W920 under the leadership of Daryl Parker who is usually in charge of lighting up and preparing the loco for use. Maybe that's why he is out of sight, more at home in the cab we suppose!






20th February 2016


Although difficult to really see in this photo, there was further progress made with the Wallace Rd X'ing Lights on Saturday afternoon with the erecting of the two masts and running of the electrical cables for the lamps, bells and track circuits.





18th February 2016




On Thursday 18th  February a quiet morning was spent in the forest between Dwellingup and Etmilyn attending to some corrective work at the 29.570km, identified from the recent Matisa Recorder Car inspection.








16th January 2016



On Saturday 16th January planned work day, super-heater elements for W945 received some attention in readiness for testing.









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