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Updated 25/06/2014


17th December 2013

Early Tuesday 17th December, the 5 ex Tasmanian carriages sold in February were transported to their new home in country Balingup where they looked quite at home later in the day.


3rd December, 2013

On Tuesday 3rd December, the engine of DE Loco G50 was transported to Perth where it will have its overhauled Main Generator re-fitted along with its Turbo Charger. The Generator re-fitting requires careful alignment, with crankshaft deflection measurements taken to ensure alignment accuracy. 




27th November, 2013

Early Wednesday morning 27 November, the boiler was lifted from W947 and road transported to the Willis Engineering works in Welshpool where it will be repaired as required and re-commissioned as resources and funds are available. Once the boiler was clear, the engine assembly was loaded for its re-location by road to the HVR Pinjarra depot.


Below, W947 is unloaded at HVR Pinjarra, having been delivered by WA Specialised Transport with lifting by Freo Cranes. Both companies discounted their rates for the task to help HVR.


W 947 sits on-rail in the HVR Pinjarra East Yard.

Work will soon commence on cleaning and stripping of the engine unit in preparation for its rebuilding over, hopefully, the next 2-3 years.





26th November, 2013

On Tuesday morning 26 November, Pmr 735 was loaded to road transport at the old Rivervale works of Willis Engineering, where it has resided for some 15 years, then taken to Alumina Junction for later re-location to Meelon. 



Later in the day at the ARHS Rail Heritage WA Bassendean Museum site, W947 was shunted into position for its road transportation to HVR arranged for the following day.





4th November, 2013

Concrete sleepers for HVR - well, not really. Recently, member Martin Thobaven noticed some concrete sleepers available on 'Gumtree' and thought they could be ideal for border and car park delineation as we progress the vegetation clearing at Dwellingup station. Enquiries resulted in the owners Toll Ipec not only donating them to HVR but also delivering the two semi trailer loads to Dwellingup free of charge. Thanks Toll Ipec!!    



19th October, 2013

They say Necessity is the Mother of invention and this was certainly the case at Dwellingup recently when we needed to replace a brake cylinder rolling ring on our Dining Car AV426.

With no pit at Dwellingup yet and the vehicle having truss-rods, access and space were in short supply. The problem was solved using an air-bag jack that is made for lifting off-road motor vehicles when they get bogged. This turned out to be an easily managed, ideal solution.


17th October, 2013

On Thursday 17 October 9 signals were collected from the Bennet Brook Railway at Whiteman Park. These signals, collected from Kwinana by BBR many years ago, were given to HVR for eventual use at Isandra. In return, HVR has given BBR several signal motors for use at Whiteman Village Junction. Co-operation such as this greatly helps the respective organisations to progress their visions. Left hand photo - loaded at BBR. Right photo - unloading at HVR Pinjarra.



13th September, 2013

As part of HVR's rationalization of un-needed or under-utilised assets, two further items were disposed of on Friday 13/9/13. The old 5t Fowler crane which had served HVR well for many years before 'expiring' in 2004 had a fitting farewell being picked up by a new state of the art 350t capacity crane which also loaded an ex WAGR sand & chromate water wagon (JS23692) sold for scrap metal. The bogies from this wagon have been retained for workshop use.   




August 2013

During August,



JUNE 2013

22nd June, 2013


On Saturday 22nd June with rain forecast for the following day, the opportunity was taken to burn off along the railway from Isandra Bridge to the 11.250km near Brookdale.  Member "Pyro Will" had a most enjoyable evening doing a great job of vegetation management in the area.




8th June, 2013



Whilst repairing the leaky steam pipe, the opportunity was taken to fit a new regulator as the old one had its third stage valve seized closed.





These two photos of the new regulator clearly show the 3 valves open (left) and closed.



7th June, 2013

During Monday's 3rd June, 2013 running, it became apparent that W920 had developed a small leak in its main internal steam delivery pipe. Investigation during the ensuing week using an endoscope (Rigid SeeSnake) revealed the leak was a corrosion hole roundly 400mm from the regulator and reachable from the dome closure. The hole was blanked using a stainless steel band-clamp and high temperature 'putty'.

The temporary repair has been a total success and avoided the urgency for full replacement which is a very large task which can be deferred until W945 has been re-commissioned.



2nd & 3rd June 2013

The HVR Steam Season for 2013 commenced over the June long weekend with trains operating for Sunday and Monday with very good patronage. The first train on Sunday became 5 cars and was double headed with DE loco F40 for the return from Isandra.

Below;  W920 and F40 crossing the 13k bridge Sunday 2nd June, 2013 with 5 car service returning to Dwellingup and W920 returning to Dwellingup on Monday morning 3rd June, 2013 approaching the newly repaired Scarp Rd level crossing. 



MAY 2013

18th & 19th May, 2013

Over the weekend of 18th  & 19th,  May the damaged Scarp Rd level crossing was repaired by HVR with a mixture of volunteers and contractors. As part of the works, considerable vegetation clearing was also carried out to improve the sightlines for road users.

10th May, 2013

On Friday May 10th, considerable preparation works were carried out at the Scarp Rd crossing.

All of the damaged, dislodged & misaligned sleepers each side of the crossing were exposed and their ends cleared of ballast etc ready for replacement and/or re-aligning.    

The Shire of Murray assisted by grading the road so that when we dig the crossing out it can then be re-filled to meet the final road profile.


9th May, 2013

Repairs to the railway at the Scarp Rd railway crossing have been planned for completion over the weekend of 18th & 19th of May.

The road will be fully closed to all road traffic from 0700 Sat 18/5/13 to 1700 19/5/13.

Signs advising regular road users of the closure were erected on Thursday 9th May to hopefully minimise their inconvenience. 



APRIL 2013

27th April, 2013

On Saturday 27th April, new piston rings were fitted to loco W920 at Dwellingup as part of work on the loco which is nearing completion in preparation for the 2013 steam season.

The loco will be steamed in May but will be unable to commence Steam-Ranger services until the significant line damage at Scarp Rd railway crossing is repaired.






MARCH 2013

14th March, 2013

On the morning of Thursday 14th March, an un-laden Deane Contracting low loader damaged the HVR line between Dwellingup and Isandra when part of the trailer struck the down rail, tearing it from some 38 sleepers.

This sort of damage is becoming an annual event this being the third such incident in less than 3 years.

Unfortunately Mr Deane is currently disputing any liability for the damage.




17th January, 2013

On Thursday Sept 17, loco C1703 was used for two days of shunting duties adjacent to the Gemco Depot in Bellevue yard for the relocation of flatcars which were being removed from rail for stowing.

C1703 will see ongoing casual use with Qube Logistics during 2013 but spend most of its time on standby at Pinjarra.



5th January, 2013

Late morning on Saturday 5th January, EE loco C1703 was taken out on the main line for a shakedown trial from Pinjarra to Keysbrook & Return.

At midnight Sunday evening, C1703 was taken to Nowegup on the Northern Suburbs passenger line with loco R1902 for use by Qube Logistics assisting with some construction rail train workings for the Butler extensions.





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