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Updated 12/03/2020

MARCH 2020


9th March 2020

Some more painting done on the Forest Train today.  All the green is completed and the seats have a new coat of varnish.





6th March 2020

 Big thanks to Bunnings staff for coming to helpjtoday withthe painting of our Forest Train.

Their donation and assistance was greatly appreciated.

We have much mor work to do to complete the project.



3rd March 2020

The Forest Train consist has now been completely sanded and patched/primed.  Today the entire consist was washed with truck was and pressure cleaned ready for painting on Thursday.






22nd February 2020

Turntable progress:





6th February  2020

AV426 Centenary Dinner Renovations

Our dedicated volunteer team have completed restoration works on the interior of our 100 year old vintage dining car

This maintenance commenced last year with the external painting and window replacement being completed in time for our AV426 Centenary Dinner. To assist with this work an appeal was launched to gain funds primarily for replacing the windows in the dining area.

In addition to the internal work repairs have been undertaken to a section of the roof around the chimney area. Due to the format of the construction some expert assistance was required so guidance was sought from Rail Heritage.

All the furniture and fittings were removed from the vehicle. Then strip, sand, prime and paint the whole area. Once this was done the vinyl was removed in readiness for the new vinyl to be laid. In between time all galley utensils and equipment were removed to allow this area to be thoroughly cleaned and painted. Curtains washed and hung then return of tables. Thanks to all who have contributed in some way for this project to be completed.

Every Saturday evening, we take guests on a unique dining experience, traveling by train from Dwellingup into the floodlit Jarah Forest

And here it is!


                                                                                                                                                                                          Inside being restored before old floor removed