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22nd December

With the lead up to the Christmas and Summer period, the demand for train journeys has slowed enough to enable the HVTR staff to catch their breath after a very busy steam season.

Those trains that we have operated have done reasonably well with Etmilyn Diners being well patronised along with the Etmilyn Tramway services and Murder Trains

Our Santa Express Train was enjoyed by all those who travelled although bush fires near the south west mainline delayed the return services by a couple of hours

20th November

The failure of the main generator of G50 has been determined to be far more serious than was originally thought having suffered a major armature winding failure, severely damaging the armature laminations. The lower stator interpole has also suffered an insulation failure and winding rupture. We are currently aggressively seeking a second hand replacement armature to suit an E.E. 819-7E Main Traction Generator or a compatible unit. 

The last Steam service for 2002 was a charter train for Rally Australia on Friday November 1st with a Bush Fire Brigade fire permit and was hauled by "W" class steam locomotives 903 and 945 from Dwellingup to Pinjarra and then by diesel to Fremantle.

This marked the end to a successful Steam Season for 2002. Heavy Annual Maintenance for the Summer period has now commenced.

Well Known Long Time Member "POP COLE" turned 100 years of age on 12th of November 2002 and this was celebrated by members and guests at Pinjarra in the new carriage maintenance facility on the evening of Saturday November 16th 2002

Mrs Perry, Mother of Barbara Perry one of our famed Diner Cooks also turned 100 years of age in November

As you can see, if you want to live to a ripe old age, get involved with HVTR 

Diesel Locomotive C1702 received a much needed paint job in early November and now looks very smart. Well done to the painting team responsible for a job well done

11th October

September and October have been very busy for HVTR with trains coming and going all over the place.

We have almost had one Train for each day of the week and we must say a big thankyou to all the HVTR Staff and Crews who have given their time to help operate our tours during this very busy period. Also a big Thank You to our Contractors Suppliers and Rail Network Operators

Wizard Express trains have been particularly popular with the 7 school holiday trains carrying approx 2300 happy passengers on this popular train

Saturday 5th October saw a Wizard Express from the City of Bunbury departing from Koombana Bay. This was probably the first time a Steam Train has been scheduled to depart from Bunbury in many years and those who took the chance to travel, enjoyed themselves immensely

  There has also been good patronage for our Dwellingup Forest Ranger and Steam Ranger Tours with many services carrying capacity loads

The Mullewa Buffet Car is being used on Mid week Steam Ranger services offering premium class travel which includes Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea in this historic vehicle. There has been some fittings, stove electrical and plumbing maintenance performed on this vehicle to return it to full operating condition and "Chef Wendy" is very pleased with the results

Etmilyn Tramway patronage was also very good during the School Holiday period with services running twice a day everyday during this period

We have also had an overnighter to the town of Kulin for their popular "Kulin Bush Races". Our train made up of all heritage stock including C class diesel, Sleeping Cars, the Mullewa Buffet Car and Z9 headed out with 54 passengers for a weekend at this unusual race meeting where a good time was had by all

Inspection and repair work has commenced on ARHS owned ex Midland Railway Co. diesel locomotive G50 to enable this popular engine to return to service. So far the engine and main generator have  been removed and quotes for repair are being sought

All of the sections of the old Claisebrook footbridge have arrived in Pinjarra yard and the engineering and design process for re-erection has begun

The Chassis and main frames of steam locomotive G71 "Menzies" has been relocated onto a QU bogie flat car as part of the Pinjarra Depot tidy up. This will enable the gathering and centralising of springing and other components to placed on the flat car for future reassembly. Having the parts and equipment of G71 on this flat car will enable movement to and from work areas as needed 

2nd September

Hotham Valley Tourist Railway's

"Wizards Express" features on the "Great Outdoors" television program

Click here for more info about the "Wizards Express"

27th August

XA1401 goes solo hauling the Dowerin Field Days accommodation train from Pinjarra to Dowerin

XA1401 and Train at Dowerin - Photo supplied by John Bollans

Click here for more Photos

Showing that the X class is still a capable locomotive XA1401 arrived on time in Dowerin after hauling HVTR's vintage sleeping car stock to the town to provide accommodation for the Annual Dowerin Field days  event

It is rare nowadays to see the XA hauling trains on its own and this tour is probably one of the first all WAGR rolling stock trains to be run for a long time, being made up of sleeping cars, the Mullewa buffet car, Z9 Brake van and the uniquely Western Australian X class diesel locomotive

Any photo's of this train would be appreciated

24th August

The Balingup Medieval and Tulip Festival was the destination for this days train tour

On a day that started out to be a nice sunny day our C class hauled train picked up its over 400 passenger load from City Station and commenced the journey southwards. At Pinjarra, a second C class locomotive was added to the train to ensure an easy climb through the hills south of Boyanup to the town of Balingup

Arrival in Balingup was just in time to see the Grand Medieval Parade through the main street of this lovely little town, leading to the event area where many interesting Stalls, Crafts, Live Entertainment and Demonstrations  were to be found

The Balingup Medieval Tulip Festival Explorer has just arrived in Balingup and stands whilst the passengers disembark the train

 Garden Bed displays made up of all colours of Beautiful Tulips were to be seen everywhere through the town. A sight to see and admired by many of those visiting this event.    

For those enthusiasts chasing the train the best was yet to come. C1702 and C1703 blasted away into the climb from Balingup up the steeply graded and sharp curves of the section through to Greenbushes where our the locomotives were put onto the other end of the train for the run home to Perth, during what became a bleak late afternoon

Click here for more Photo's

23rd August

Double headed diesels is the go for Balingup Medieval and Tulip Festival on the 24th August

Due to the steep grades of the Picton to Balingup section a second diesel locomotive is to be added to this train at Pinjarra as the demand for travel on this tour has required the addition of several extra coaches which puts the weight of the train over the load limit for one locomotive

As yet it is unknown which locomotive will be the helper

Perhaps it will be XA1401 or will it be double headed C class again ?

5th August

The first sections of the old Claisebrook footbridge which used to stretch across the railcar depot arrived in Pinjarra on this day. Once all of the pieces arrive on site, re-erection will commence on this structure, eventually giving our passengers a safe way of crossing the tracks in the yard.

The remodelling of the city areas around the urban railway have enabled this useful structure to become available through Consolidated Constructions who are undertaking works at the  Claisebrook Station area

4th August

On this day our Avon Descent and Luncheon Special train travelled up through the Avon Valley as a 21 coach train hauled by the two C class diesels

Those  472 passengers travelling on the Avon Descent section of our train were treated to the sight of the paddle craft of this world class event as the train made its way up to West Toodyay yard where the locomotives were put on the other end of the train for the slower journey back down the valley.

The railway enthusiasts were treated to the rare sight of Double headed C class diesels, something which has rarely happened during their entire working life.

Stops were made after passing Cobblers Pool , the start point for the powerboats, so that the passengers could view the powerboats as they made their way along the Avon River. With water levels being the lowest for 20 years, the competitors of the race could be seen battling the mighty Avon on their way to the finishing line.

Our train certainly makes  a fine mobile grandstand in an area which is generally otherwise inaccessible

The 56 passengers travelling on the Luncheon Special also enjoyed the fine meal from our Dining Car and the journey through our beautiful Avon Valley

Click here for more photo's of this train

1st August

As of the 31st of July the Avon Descent train is Sold Out

This train has grown to 21 coaches in length and will be hauled by the 2 English Electric "C" class diesels, C1702 and C1703

The HVTR Webmaster will be seeking Photo's of this train. Any photo's would be appreciated

Web Page Additions

We are currently working on adding more information to the heritage pages. These pages are still under construction requiring pictures to be added and some fine tuning to the text

Information from any past or present HVTR members who can fill in any gaps would be appreciated

27th and 28th July

Three trains this weekend are Sold Out

The Murder train to Toodyay, The Etmilyn Diner and The Dwellingup Forest Ranger were all sold out over 1 week prior to departure dates

As Hotham Valley continues to once again become a popular way to enjoy rail travel and great outings, tours are beginning to sell out early, perhaps indicating a return to former glory days

Be sure to book early to secure your seats for upcoming journeys

23rd July

Two "C" Class Diesel Locomotives to haul Avon Descent Train

Due to the popularity of the Avon Descent Train on the 4th of August 2002 there will be a need for the train to be double headed. At this stage it is intended to use both C1702 and C1703 as the motive power for this train which is expected to be approximately 18 - 20 coaches in length. This will also be one of the biggest trains that has been run by HVTR for a long time.

Question : Does anybody know if the "C" class diesels have been double headed in WAGR/Westrail operations. If yes - When and how often.

Any Photographs and Information of these trains would be appreciated for use on this site.

 All Photos used will be credited to owner

Mail to Webmaster

Any Photographs of the Avon Descent Train on 4th August would also be appreciated

18th July

The 3rd Wizards Express steamed out of Fremantle bound for Pinjarra

Prior to departure time, a camera crew from Channel 7 Great Outdoors team showed up for an article about this great day out. After some filming with an Owl and a Cat and the Minister for Magical Transport Casimus Jones, it was "All Aboard" for the 476 Passengers who had booked for the days journey. Despite being another blustery winters day those travelling once again had a great time. For some of the passengers this was their second Wizards Express

17th July

The Steam Ranger today was well patronised with 315 passengers boarding our train at Pinjarra for the journey up the Darling Range to the town of Dwellingup. With this amount of passengers it was necessary to take 5 coaches and so it was also necessary to add a second "W" class steam locomotive to handle the climb up the steep grades our railway is famous for.

11th July

The 2nd Wizards Express hit Fremantle and Pinjarra with over 400 people taking the chance to don a cloak and a pointy hat, for a day of magic and wizardry during the first week of the July School Holiday Period

 In a moment of Magic, C1702 headed our train out of Fremantle to Kwinana where the Wizards Express Locomotive PM706 joined the train for the run through to Pinjarra whilst many magical activities were enjoyed by those on board

Arrival at Pinjarra saw many photo's of our red engine being taken with its admirers before a visit to Edenvale Homestead where more magical activities were to be had

Return to Pinjarra Station found the Wizards Express ready for departure this time with old friend XA1401 to assist with the journey back to Fremantle

7th July

The 7th of July saw a 12 coach train hauled by PM706 and a "C" class diesel travel out to the wheat belt town of Goomalling to celebrate 100 years since the arrival of the railway to the town

Just under 400 passengers joined our train at City, Midland and Northam stations for what was an enjoyable run up the Avon Valley and then out to Goomalling

This train is believed to be the first time the Blue Ribbon Diner has been hauled by Steam with all of those partaking of the meal options, thoroughly enjoying the lunch and dinner meals provided by our staff

In the buffet cars our passengers were also able to enjoy fresh Jam and Cream Scones with tea or coffee for morning tea

The town of Goomalling turned out a great show for all who came on the train

Everyone who travelled commented that it was a great tour with all having a great day

Click here for photo's

20th June

Failed traction motor removed from C1702 and replaced, enabling 2 traction motors to be sent for repair

15th and 16th June

On Saturday 15th the Double Headed Steam Hauled Black Diamond Explorer to Collie went without any problems taking a good number of passengers to this coal mining town. Locomotives used were W945 and PM706 with both engines performing well . It was even reported by those following the train, that the Pm was trying to overtake the W at times during the journey. A good day was had by all the passengers and crews, although one of the fireman was heard to be requesting a lift back to Pinjarra by car (it must have been hard work on the way up the hill to Collie). Click here for Photo's

Sunday 16th saw a full train to Dwellingup for the Forest Ranger

8th June 2002

The Wizards Express makes its debut travelling from Fremantle to Pinjarra with PM706 and XA1401 hauling the train carrying many very happy Wizard Apprentices

The Minister for Magical  Transport, Mr Casimus Jones reported that everyone who travelled on the first Wizards Express had a great time

Casimus Jones also reported that due to the popularity of the first Wizards Express, he will look into further outings for his favourite locomotive

1st, 2nd & 3rd June

The Extended tour to Geraldton was a success with the 62 tour passengers all having a great time

Whilst in Geraldton there were local tours operated

The evening Restaurant /Diner Train was a sell out and also had another 60 passengers for the Party Train with local band "Aint Misbehavin" putting on a great show enjoyed by all

The train on the Sunday was also well patronised with around 200 passengers enjoying a day out to Mingenew. The musical talents of local band "Aint Misbehavin" were also enjoyed by those who visited the Party Car

The only downside to the tour was a traction motor failure on C1702, this did not however cause any major delays to the tour with C1702 handling the train comfortably   

HVTR also attended the 2002 AMRA Model Railway Exhibition at the Silver Jubilee Pavilion at the Claremont Showgrounds where much interest was shown by the public 

26th May

Mr Casimus Jones has arrived in Perth

and has handed down his findings for the Wizards Express

The First Wizards Express will be on Saturday 8th June

17th May

PM706 steamed and boiler certified

12th May

W945 enters service, steaming with W903 to Dwellingup and return on the Sold Out Mothers Day Forest Ranger

1st May

W903 re - enters service on the first HVTR steam service for the season to Dwellingup on the Wednesday Steam Ranger

9th May

New Website uploaded

25th April 2002

PM706 receives a fresh coat of paint in REDiness for the Wizards Express

4th March 2002

The HVTR Travel Centre completed relocation to Perth City Railway Station.  We are now on the Concourse Level,

opposite the old 'C' cabin signal box lever frame.

Travel Centre address: Suite 2, 420 Wellington Street, Perth 6000

February 2002

Two AH Coaches returned to service.  AH314 has been fitted with a new 24v electrical system.  AH317 has now received its new seat cushions, returned wheelsets with serviced bearings and our new 24v electrical system.




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